To the editor:

Many South Boston residents are voting absentee ballots for three choices of candidates who are seeking election in the May 19 town council elections, or they are making plans to vote in person on Election Day. I’m writing to support one of the more well-known candidates – Joe Chandler.

You probably know him personally and over the years have seen him covering area sports and news events for the local newspaper or heard him broadcasting the news on the local radio station.

Others may know him for his service as a member of the former Halifax County Public Schools Motorsports Academy Advisory Committee.

He also has served multiple terms on the Halifax County-South Boston Sports Hall of Fame board and recently was elected vice president.

He has lived his life wholeheartedly supporting this community and contributing to the place he was reared and loves. 

During these trying days, our county and towns face some serious challenges, and we desperately need leaders like Joe who have the experience, intellect and leadership ability to effectively deal with the issues facing us. 

We need leaders who have the experience, judgment and financial acumen to use limited resources in the most efficient way in meeting South Boston’s vital needs as well as keeping the town fiscally sound.

I believe it is imperative to have good leaders who look for ways to move this area forward, and Joe has these leadership attributes to do just that.

Now is the time to secure an absentee ballot or go to the polls on election day and vote for Joe to serve on South Boston Town Council.

Joe always has placed a high priority on voting since it is is a way to make one’s choices known, so I am asking voters to please consider casting a ballot for Joe since he is a South Boston native and has been a lifelong resident of the town. 

His family has always been vested in South Boston and its success. His father was a businessman, and Joe worked in that business. When he returned from college to live in South Boston, he worked in this community, married and raised his family here.

For 43 years, he enjoyed a successful journalism career at The Gazette-Virginian before retiring at the end of last year.

To be successful in journalism one must be fair and balanced, get all the facts and consider and present every side of an issue with fairness and balance regardless of what one’s personal opinion may be.

I have worked beside Joe watching him do just that for many years, and now he wants this opportunity to approach issues as a member of town council in a similar fashion.

I’m sure if he is elected, he will listen and give due consideration to facts and opinions that are presented. He will make decisions based on what is in the overall best interest of the town and its people while working collaboratively with other council members and officials toward making sound decisions for the benefit of the town and its people.

Vote for Joe to join South Boston Town Council.


Former GV Editor Paula Bryant

South Boston