To the editor:

South Boston residents have a compelling opportunity in this month’s town elections to strengthen our town leadership by electing Tommy Elliott to town council. In addition to his past significant contributions to our town, Tommy brings a strong, informed vision plus a singular combination of character and wisdom. 

I have been privileged to witness Tommy’s contributions to those around him from a very early age. Beginning with the calm and effective way that he handed the “hot corner” of third base and sank more jump shots than anyone in the Western District, Tommy always approached every task with a calm determination to improve his team, his company and his community. He didn’t toot his own horn — he just was effective. The company that he built from the ground up is one of our county’s largest and most successful, employing up to 160 people in good jobs. His long leadership on the South Boston IDA has continued this display of effective leadership. His experience in solving problems will add a unique dimension to our town council. Every candidate makes promises, but very few have a past that validates these promises. 

Tommy says that he wants to build on South Boston’s success exemplified most recently with the construction of the Microsoft Innovation Hub downtown as well as the redevelopment of three older tobacco warehouses for attractive living spaces and the redeployment of the Crowell Motor Company property. He will bring his vast knowledgeable business insight and his same calm, well-reasoned judgement to all town decisions.  

But most importantly, we can rely on his past record to be completely confident that he will carefully consider the interests of all affected citizens — whoever they may be — and arrive at a judgement that respects these persons right to be heard and treated with dignity. In a lifetime of being Tommy’s teammate, customer and friend, there has not been one single time that he didn’t display the same highly honorable integrity and work through whatever problem emerged. He creates solutions, not controversies. 

I urge each of my fellow South Boston citizens to vote absentee in-person or by mail, or vote at the polls May 19 for Tommy Elliott. It’s relatively rare that someone who has given so much locally already wants to give more on the town council.


Rick Harrell

South Boston