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To the editor:

Already home to the sprawling 1,300-acre Virginia International Raceway, the Brandon Group Home and now possibly a mixed use development. If it gets approval, it will be the first mixed use development in the Halifax County, South Boston area. 

Apartments, single-family homes, a hotel, a Food Lion shopping center, a commercial conference facility and park are planned. It is now up to the Halifax County Board of Supervisors to pass certain amendments to their zoning ordinances for this to go forward. 

For a development this size, it also will required some restrictions. It was not disclosed in the Gazette-Virginian how many acres it would encompass and how close it is to the Virginia International Raceway complex. 

The supervisors recently put a stop on a commercial development in the Cluster Springs community resulting in the owner recently withdrawing his application. The owner never did specify what he had planned for the property but the second time around said possibly a planned subdivision on the backside of the property. Halifax County needs more commercial development and housing options to grow economically. 

In my opinion Halifax County needs to approve this development if not it will keep on losing population and future developers will not come either to the county or South Boston area. 

Statistics show estimated population 2019-2020 for the county at 33,911 and the town of South Boston at 7,588 when about five years ago the county had a population of about 35,125 and the town of South Boston stood at 7,976 so you see the population of both localities continues to drop because of lack of jobs and shopping opportunities.

Some people might think or say this is going to be considered spot zoning but it isn’t. 

Look at Crystal Hill, a rural community, and it was farmland where Huber Engineered Woods built a plant. If this is approved down the road maybe more developments like this one will occur. 

P.S. Halifax County Board of Supervisors met on Monday, April 5, and made changes to the zoning ordinances to now include mixed use developments in the county so now it’s up to the supervisors and the developers to approve the development planned for Alton. 


formerly of Halifax County