To the editor:   

What will it take?

I’ve often asked myself this question. At times I feel there is no answer. All I have ever wanted is to live in a peaceful world where all people were treated equal.

As a child growing up, I felt pretty blessed about my life, but through the eyes of a child everything seems beautiful, and you really feel safe.

Back then, people were kind and considerate of everyone’s feelings. When someone needed help, neighbors came forth and did what they could to help their fellow man.

No one back then had a lot of money. But they had other resources that were useful in helping others. Everyone worked together to keep the world peaceful and prosperous.

Back then we didn’t blame everything on race, color, creed, gender or racism. We had better things to do and work for. Too, we considered ourselves as God’s people. Back then you felt safe. Whether you walked or drove a car, you didn’t feel that your life was in any danger. 

In today’s world, when you leave your home, you don’t know whether you will return. Children walked to school and felt safe. They loved going to school because back then bullying wasn’t a real concern. Teachers were able to teach children about our country’s history and not seem prejudiced or racist. They taught our children always to show good manners when they came in contact with other people. 

On Sunday morning, families got up, got ready and went to church together. Perhaps this is a major problem in our world today. God is being taken out of everything. 

In today’s world half the time we don’t know whether we are coming or going. Peace seems so far out of reach.

Why is this? Because in today’s world there is more evil than good. It has become a world of lying and cheating politicians who try to out-do their opponents; sex scandals and everything is blamed on racism. 

Everyone blames the other person. 

What will it take people to get us all back on track. If we can’t live in a world where everyone works together, then we have no future, no hope and no faith – only doom.

Ask yourself the question “What will it take?” and go out and do something about it.

Pat Holt

South Boston