To the editor:

Thank you and congratulations to Miss Nevaeh Hodges and all who assisted her in organizing the protest held in Constitution Square on Tuesday, June 2.

Several hundred people, representing a cross section of our rural southern community, joined together on a beautiful warm sunny evening and modeled a peaceful protest for the world to witness. This event was a tremendous success.

To all of the citizens who came out and exercised their freedom as provided in the First Amendment, the freedom of speech and the right to assemble, thank you for doing so in such a peaceful manner.

Deep appreciation and gratitude are extended to the South Boston Police Department, Virginia State Police, Halifax County Sheriff’s Office and deputies, South Boston Fire Department and all other law enforcement and first responders who worked to ensure everyone’s safety.

The town of South Boston employees are commended for the work they do and did to ensure that our town and Constitution Square were ready for use for this protest.

Again, thanks to everyone for the time and effort put in to make this event successful. I am extremely proud of you all and honored to serve.

Edward Owens,

South Boston mayor