Farm fresh

“I can’t wait to have a good tomato sandwich.”

How many of us have said the same thing in the past few weeks all the while envisioning the simple delight of bread, mayo (no brand names here, but we all know the only one to use), salt, pepper and the piece de resistance — a thick slice of a homegrown tomato? I know I have said it many times over.

Fancy words aside, there is nothing better than a homegrown tomato. The key word here is homegrown. Let’s be honest, nothing tastes better or is better for you than real homegrown vegetables, fruit, eggs and pasture-raised meats.

The best places to find these delicious treasures is the local farmers’ markets.

In Halifax County, we are blessed to have two; both the Town of Halifax Farmer’s Market and The Downtown South Boston Farmers’ Market where patrons can find homegrown delicacies. Each market offers its customers great tasting food and just as importantly the opportunity to know the local farmer, and each has its own unique personality and style.

A local farmer is a wealth of knowledge and an excellent resource to learn more about what one eats. An additional benefit, for those who like to preserve or can foods, they can arrange with the farmer to bring the quantities needed to the market for pick up. They even can help with recipes if patrons want to try something new.

The Town of Halifax Farmer’s Market offers delicious fresh produce, dairy and meat, as well as hosting several special events throughout the year such as the annual Earth Day Celebration, Friday Night Jams and Oktoberfest.

The market is located at 209 S. Main St. in Halifax and may be reached at 434-476-2343.

The Downtown South Boston Farmers’ Market has its own delectable offerings of fresh produce, fruit and meats in addition to several annual events including A Community Health and Fitness Day and A Community Give Back Day. The market is located at 300 Broad St. in South Boston and may be reached at 434-222-8012.

Both markets are not limited to produce, dairy and meat products. Each offers other treasures such as handmade cutting boards, fresh cut flowers, home baked goodies such as bread and muffins and homemade candies.

Additionally, the markets host hands-on workshops and cooking demonstrations throughout the season. These workshops allow farmers to share their knowledge, while the customers learn about better eating habits and the benefits of eating seasonally.

Truth be told, farmers markets are a win-win-win situation. Customers win through access to local nutritious food, farmers win though support of their local businesses, and the community wins as a whole by keeping their dollars local which in turn circulate through the local economy several times over.

For those who want to know where their food comes from and taste fresh flavors straight from the farm, a local farmers market is the place to be. 

For more information, contact or at 434-476-3300 ext. 3331.