The first week of practice and tryouts for the Halifax County High School varsity volleyball team is in the books, and first-year Comets head coach Meg Bane says the team is making good progress.

“The first week was good,” Bane remarked.

“We had 26 girls come out for both varsity and junior varsity. We held tryouts the first three days and made cuts Wednesday night. We still have a few girls that were out-of-town that still have to finish up their tryouts.”

Bane trimmed the varsity team down to 10 players and had the first real practice for the varsity squad on Thursday.

“We met for awhile to get oriented, and then got on the court,” explained Bane.

“I was proud of what happened Thursday.”

There are five players from last year’s varsity squad among the 10 players Bane has designated for the varsity squad. There are only two seniors among the five returning players.

Bane explained there are still five players trying out for the team. One of them is a rising senior that would have to play on the varsity squad if selected. The remaining four players are freshmen that could be selected for either the junior varsity or varsity squad.

While Thursday marked the first real practice with the varsity squad, the players appeared to be a little ahead of where many would have expected them to be.

“We had three weeks of conditioning, and most of the girls that tried out attended conditioning,” Bane noted.

“We did a lot of workout stuff, but we also did some technical stuff with volleyball. It’s evident that is carrying over to the court. Also, a lot of the girls have started playing travel volleyball. The more you play, the better you will get. Playing two tournaments a month during January, February, March and April and practicing once a week, they are going to get better. It is definitely evident in their energy and technical skills that they have gotten better.”

Bane says the team’s energy and spirit are both at a high level.

“The girls are having fun,” Bane pointed out.

“A lot of them have played together before, whether it was softball or volleyball. They know each other, which is good. Now they’re coming together as a unit of 10 and putting the pieces together.”

Bane and the Comets have plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming season. The Comets have a home scrimmage match against Dan River High School on Thursday, Aug. 22. Regular-season play starts Tuesday, Aug. 27, when the Comets go on the road to face Appomattox County High School.

“We have a couple of weeks to prepare for the scrimmage,” Bane noted.

“I think in those couple of weeks, after we have had a chance to go through our defensive setup and offense and we get to play more, we’ll be good to go. I’m looking forward to the season.”

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at