Get out your gloves and bats. The Halifax County Dixie Youth Baseball league is going forward with a tentative date to start the season.

League president Dave Ashwell said after a meeting earlier in the week the league has set Monday, June 29, as the day to get back on the diamond.

Gov. Ralph Northam released his three-phase plan this week detailing the reopening of certain businesses as well as other guidelines. Phase one is set to begin next week and will hopefully only last two to three weeks.

The second phase of the plan is where the league is hoping to find their opening to begin the season. In the second phase of the plan, Northam says that gatherings of up to 50 people will be permissible. With the size of the Day Complex, they are hoping when phase two begins they will be able to begin their season.

Dixie Youth Baseball Incorporated sent out a notice earlier in the week canceling all district, state and world series tournaments this year, but Ashwell says that he just wants to be able to get the kids back on the field and let them enjoy the game of baseball.

Ashwell did say there was a state invitational tournament that is going to take place in August but at this time he believes they are going to opt out of that and just play recreation baseball.

In a statement released by the Halifax County Dixie Youth league, they said they are aware that the season running late into the summer months would likely interfere with parents and children going on vacation during the season, but their main priority is getting the kids back on the field and since there are no all star tournaments being played, missing a couple of games will be OK.

The league also is going to open sign ups back up for boys ages 13-19. This age group is for the ones who were playing middle school, JV and varsity baseball, and they may not have signed up due to those commitments. Ashwell said he wants to give those kids a chance to sign up so they have the opportunity to play baseball this summer. The deadline for sign ups for that age group is May 29.

They are asking parents to check the uniform orders and get with their child’s coach by May 17 to ensure that each child has a uniform when play begins.

Ashwell said that due to the size of opening ceremonies, they will not have one at the start of the season but they are planning on having closing ceremonies when the season ends.

Anyone with any questions is asked to contact the league through Facebook or call 434-476-7744 or Dave Ashwell at 434-579-2846.

Johnathan Kirland is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him Follow him on Twitter @JohnathanK_GV