Brothers Woody Clay and Jimmy Clay proved to continue to be the class of the field in this past weekend’s Halifax Country Club Member-Guest Golf Tournament.

The Clays rallied from a one-shot deficit after Saturday’s opening round to post a weekend-best round of 61 on Sunday to score an eight-shot win and record their third straight win in the annual tournament.

“Jimmy hit the ball unbelievably well today,” Woody Clay remarked.

“He hit the ball close so much hole after hole. It sounds bad to say, but nine-under-par is probably the worst we could have shot. We could have shot 13 or 14-under. I didn’t make many birdies, I cut him a couple of holes, but we just had the ball close every hole. We never had to struggle. It’s good when you can play like that.”

“It’s fun to win three in a row,” Jimmy Clay added.

“I can’t say enough about Woody. He’s a good partner. We know each other’s game. We mix really well together. We can be tough to handle when we’re on.”

Things didn’t go as smoothly for the Clays in Saturday’s opening round as they did Sunday. The pair got off to a slow start but rallied to birdie five of their last seven holes coming in to finish with a round of 65, which put them a shot down to first-day leaders Brent Myers and Hunter Thompson who carded a round of 64.

“Saturday was a pretty rough day,” Woody Clay pointed out.

“We didn’t do much. We shot five-under-par. At one time, it looked like we could shoot over par. We had seven or eight holes to go, and I chipped in and made a couple of birdies and then he made two or three birdies and we wound up shooting five-under and stayed close.”

Jimmy Clay had a big afternoon in Sunday’s round, carding eight birdies to get he and his brother into the lead and distance themselves from their challengers.

The pair posted birdies on the first two holes they played in Sunday’s round and were four-under-par at the turn. After they birdied holes 11, 12 and 13, the holes that usually give them the most trouble, they were in good shape.

“Today was just one of those days when I had the key ingredient going for me in the driver and the wedge,” Jimmy Clay explained, “and I was hitting it close on every shot. Woody was in the hole, and it just kind of opened me up.”

The teams of Tommy Spencer and Brad Shrader and Michael Jenkins and Tim Salley tied for the runner-up spot with both teams posting rounds of 67-67 for a 134 total, with Spencer and Shrader getting second place on a match of scorecards.

Brad Mele and Kris Mele won the First Flight, edging the runner-up team of James Lewis and Bill Hite by one shot to earn the win. The team of Joel Cunningham Jr. and David Graham won the Second Flight, topping the runner-up team of Derek Mason and Kevin Dawson by one shot.

Donnie Ellington and Kevin Haskins scored a two-stroke win over Preston Crowder and Matt Crowder to win the Third Flight. Harvey Driggs and Jay Newcomb finished four shots ahead of the runner-up team of Greg Meeks and Chuck Nelson to win the Fourth Flight.

The team of Dave Ashwell and Casey Spencer scored an eight-shot win over the team of Phil Saunders and Steve Long in the Fifth Flight.


Championship Flight

Woody Clay-Jimmy Clay – 65-61-126

Tommy Spencer-Brad Shrader – 67-67-134* (Match of Cards)

Michael Jenkins-Tim Salley – 67-67-134

Chris Coleman-Scott Vaughan – 66-70-136

Mike Hailey-Jon Bryson – 66-70-136

Brent Myers – Hunter Thompson – 64-73-137

Donald Gravitt-Kyle Gravitt – 67-70-137

Michael Puryear-David Day – 66-72-138

Jack Caldwell- Scott Petriskie – 67-71-138

Paul Butler-David Ford – 67-72-139

Jay Burnett-David Meeks – 67-72-139

First Flight

Brad Mele-Kris Mele – 68-65-133

James Lewis-Bill Hite – 68-66-134

Phil Rinker-John Howerton - 69-66-135

Ronnie Moore-Jackie Thomasson – 70-65-135

Bryan Allen-Scott Shackelford – 69-68-137

Kim Houseal-Scott Houseal – 69-69-138

Alan Gravitt-Bill Maxwell – 70-69-139

Tommy Daniel-T.J. Daniel – 70-73-143

Gary Gupton-Mark Bullock – 69-74-143

Donnie Hughes-Sammy Moser – 70-78-148

Coleman Speece-Randy Haugh – 70-83-153

Second Flight

Joel Cunningham Jr. – David Graham – 71-67-138

Derek Mason – Kevin Dawson – 73-66-139

Walter Robertson-John Mele – 72-69-141

Drew Lewis-Jake Moore-72-70-142

Sammy Fisher-Billy Ford – 71-73-144

W.J. Long-Nick Lumsden – 71-74-145

Nookie Green-Harrell Parker – 73-72-145

Nathan Lantor-Johnny Wilson – 72-75-147

Nelson Baskervill – Bryan Farley – 73-74-147

Dennis Witt-Graham Witt – 73-75-148

Jerry Burnett-Tom Burnett – 72-77-149

Eric Arthur-Nick Gesell – 73-77-150

Lyle Moore-Justin Saunders – 73-79-152

Brad Davis-Michael Crenshaw – 73-80-153

Third Flight

Donnie Ellington-Kevin Haskins – 75-70-145

Preston Crowder-Matt Crowder – 75-72-147

Chris Cole-Scott Rottler – 75-73-148

Raleigh Powell-Les Powell – 76-76-152

Teddy Holt-Tyler Holt – 76-76-152

Steve Crutchfield – Darrell Carter – 76-76-152

Scott Martin-Scott Newbill – 76-77-153

Grayson Francis-Rodney Mason – 76-78-154

Jeff Shumate-John Shumate – 77-78-155

Jody Nelson-Justin Hatcher – 75-81-156

John Lantor-Mark Raper – 77-80-157

John Morgan-Jonathan Fussell – 77-80-157

Throckmorton-Barger – 77-81-158

Fourth Flight

Harvey Driggs-Jay Newcomb – 78-70-148

Greg Meeks-Chuck Nelson – 79-73-152

Tyler Lewis-Justin Bagbey – 78-75-153

Geoffrey Grant-Mark Wagner- 78-78-156

Dan Powell-Nick Carter – 78-79-157

Wes Bosiger-Scott Bosiger – 80-79-159

Stephen Talbott-Kaleb Long – 80-80-160

J.R. Griffin-Griffin – 78-83-161

Bob Tysinger-Lee Tysinger – 78-83-161

Jason Parker-Wesley Francis – 78-84-162

Chase Griffin-Jody Marshall – 80-87-167

Fifth Flight

Dave Ashwell-Casey Spencer – 81-70-151

Phil Saunders-Steve Long – 82-77-159

Daniel Roller-Jacob Jennings – 83-78-161

Wayne Roller-Stacey Marshall- 83-87- 170

Mike Harris-Wayne Bales – 86-85-171

Jason Kirkhart-Ken Kirkhart – 87-86-173

Bill Owen-Jared Owen – 86-88-174

Frank Fincher-Bryan Smith – 88-87-175

Gray Ramsey-Cleve Campbell – 86-90-176

Cameron Starke-Tyler Mann – 87-89-176

Mark Heddings-Matt Heddings – 87-94-181

Tim Upchurch-Eric Upchurch – 90-93-187

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at