Professor Pigskin made things tough for entrants in last week’s Professor Pigskin Football Contest, but Jimmy Elliott of South Boston was up for the test.

Elliott was the only contest entrant to have as many as 12 correct picks on the 15-game slate, and as a result, he will receive the $30 first prize.

Behind Elliott, there were seven contest entry blanks that had 11 correct picks. When Professor Pigskin finished calculating who had the closest score on the tiebreaker, which was the score of last Friday’s Halifax County High School-Park View High School football game, it was Ricky Boyd of South Boston who came away with the $20 second prize. Boyd was only one point off on the score of the game.

Behind Boyd there was a tie between Larry Roller of Scottsburg and Michael Glass of South Boston for the next closest score. As a result, Roller and Boyd will split the $10 third prize and receive $5 each.

To further illustrate how close last week’s contest was, there were 14 contest entry blanks that had 10 correct picks and 13 entry blanks had nine correct picks.

“The competition seems to be getting closer each week,” remarked Professor Pigskin.

“We also had the largest number of entries last week. It is always good to see close competition and more participation. I thank everyone for their participation and encourage everyone to get in on the fun of the contest.”

The contest entry blank is contained in the sports section of The Gazette-Virginian each Monday during the contest season. All contest entries, whether mailed in or turned in at The Gazette-Virginian office, must be received by 5 p.m. each Friday in order to be eligible for judging.