This past weekend marked the first time Mike Hailey and Donald Gravitt had paired together to compete in a golf tournament. After Sunday, you can pretty much bet they will pair up again sometime down the road.

Hailey and Gravitt won this year’s edition of Halifax Country Club’ annual Member-Member Golf Tournament, scoring a four-stroke win over the team of Kim Houseal and Nookie Green.

The pair posted the weekend’s two lowest rounds, carding a 66 on Saturday to gain a one-shot lead on opening day, and following it up with a round of 65 on Sunday, the low round of the field for the weekend.

“It was fortuitous it (the pairing of him and Gravitt) happened that way,” Hailey remarked.

“I’m glad it did. He (Gravitt) is so steady, it frees me up to do things like take a little lesser club and try to hit it (the ball) a little harder and things like that. I can count on him just about every hole.”

Gravitt said the chemistry between him and Hailey was the key to their successful weekend.

“Mike is such a good ball-striker,” Gravitt pointed out.

“He’s in every hole. It frees me up to play my game. We play a lot alike. It was a free and easy weekend.

“I’m real proud to beat the caliber of golfers playing in the tournament,” Gravitt added.

“It’s a feather in my cap, for sure.”

Hailey said any time you can win, it’s good, but the enjoyment of the weekend extended past winning the tournament.

“To enjoy the round like we did both days and have the fellowship and the beautiful weather we had made it real nice,” Hailey pointed out.

“I enjoy playing with Donald. I enjoy playing with him casually. We’ll probably do this again. We will defend.”

The winner of the First Flight was determined through a match of scorecards, with Sammy Fisher and Dennis Witt emerging with the win over Kim Houseal and Nookie Green.

Paul Butler and Teddy Holt teamed up to win the Second Flight. Butler and Holt edged the team of Joel Cunningham Sr. and Joel Cunningham Jr. by shots to earn the win.


Championship Flight

Mike Hailey – Donald Gravitt – 66-65-131

Kim Houseal – Nookie Green – 67-68-135

Woody Clay – Jay Burnett – 70-67-137

Mike Jenkins - Bruce Stone – 67-71-138

Brad Mele – Dave Ashwell – 69-69-138

First Flight

Sammy Fisher – Dennis Witt – 72-68-140

Chris Coleman – Brian Allen – 71-69-140

Ronnie Moore – Lyle Moore – 73-69-142

Gary Gupton – Phil Rinker – 73-69-142

Coleman Speece – Leon Plaster – 71-75-146

Tommy Daniel – Preston Crowder – 73-73-146

Roy Bradley – Grayson Throckmorton – 71-79-150

Second Flight

Paul Butler – Teddy Holt – 75-69-144

Joel Cunningham Sr. – Joel Cunningham Jr. – 74-72-146

Bo Palmore – John Courtney – 74-73-147

Scott Martin – Chase Griffin – 75-74-149

Nelson Baskervill – Dan Powell – 79-73-152

Bob Compton – J.E. Tuck – 77-76-153

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at