For the sixth year in a row, the Halifax Country Club has claimed the Senior County Cup championship.

Halifax Country Club won seven of nine matches in Saturday’s opening round at Halifax Country Club to forge a 15-point lead. In Sunday’s round at Green’s Folly Golf Course, the Halifax Country Club team withstood a rally from the Green’s Folly team and went on to win 31 ½ - 22 ½.

“It was a hard-fought battle as usual,” said Halifax Country Club captain Donald Gravitt.

“The home course advantage on Saturday gave us a big lead, and we needed every bit of it here at Green’s Folly. The guys from Green’s Folly gave us a fit on their course.

“These guys from Green’s Folly are very talented,” added Gravitt, “as is the team we put together. Everybody played well. My hat’s off to both teams and to both golf courses. It was a pleasure to play at such nice facilities.”

Green’s Folly team captain David Day praised his team’s comeback effort.

“We didn’t play too well at Halifax Country Club on Saturday,” he pointed out.

“We made a good showing here at Green’s Folly. We made a good comeback and fell a little short. I’m pleased with our play. They (the Halifax Country Club team) played well at Halifax, and we played well at Green’s Folly, just not good enough.”

Just as it was in the regular county cup tournament, the seniors tournament was a contrast of the two days, with both teams playing well on their home courses.

After Halifax Country Club won seven of the nine Saturday matches on its home course, the Green’s Folly team rallied to sweep the three best-ball matches on its home course on Sunday to cut heavily into the Halifax Country Club lead.

When it came down to the six singles matches, the Green’s Folly Golf Course team could manage only two wins and to break even in one as the Halifax Country Club team was able to close out win.


Score – Halifax Country Club 31.5 Green’s Folly 22.5

Saturday Round – Halifax Country Club

Best Ball

Bob Blake/Billy Payne (GFGC) 1 ½ Jack Caldwell/Preston Crowder (HCC) 1 ½

Donald Gravitt/Donnie Hughes (HCC) 2 Billy Ford/Clyde Testerman (GFGC) 1

Tommy Spencer/Bob Tysinger (HCC) 3 E.C. Lewis/Billy Henderson (GFGC) 0


Mike Hailey (HCC) 3 Charlie Payne (GFGC) 0

Sammy Fisher (HCC) 3 Irvin Carter (GFGC) 0

Doug Newcomb (GFGC) 2 ½ Alan Gravitt (HCC) ½

Gary Gupton (HCC) 3 David Day (GFGC) 0

Teddy Holt (HCC) 2 Bill Burton (GFGC) 1

Mike Jenkins (HCC) 3 Cecil Brear (GFGC) 0

Sunday Round – Green’s Folly Golf Course

Best Ball

Doug Newcomb/David Day (GFGC) 3 Mike Hailey/Sammy Fisher (HCC) 0

Irvin Carter/Bill Burton (GFGC) 3 Alan Gravitt/ Gary Gupton 9HCC) 0

Cecil Brear/Charlie Payne (GFGC) 3 Teddy Holt/Mike Jenkins (HCC) 0


Billy Payne (GFGC) 2 ½ Jack Caldwell (HCC) ½

Billy Ford (GFGC) 1 ½ Preston Crowder (HCC) 1 ½

Bob Tysinger (HCC) 3 Bob Blake (GFGC) 0

Tommy Spencer (HCC) 2 ½ Billy Henderson (GFGC) ½

Donald Gravitt (HCC) 3 E.C. Lewis (GFGC) 0

Clyde Testerman (GFGC) 3 Donnie Hughes (HCC) 0

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at