The Halifax County High School boys tennis team played Jefferson Forest High School to a 3-3 deadlock in singles play but could not pull out the needed wins in the doubles matches in a 6-3 loss Thursday at Halifax County High School.

“As coaches we never want to see a loss, even if it is a scrimmage,” said Comets head coach David Riddle.

“But looking back and comparing this to last years scrimmage again them, it was certainly more positives than negatives. For starters, JF has a very solid team. Many of the same guys from the team that beat us pretty handily last year are back on this group, and most are seniors. To play as close as we did against a really good squad says a lot for where we are at already this early in this year.”

The Comets picked up wins in the last three singles matches to create a 3-3 deadlock heading into the doubles matches. Minjune Kim, Luke Redd and Trevor Riddle scored wins for the Comets in the four through six singles matches to create the tie.

Unfortunately, the Comets were unable to score a win in the doubles contests. Drew Salley and Redd came close to earning a win in the number two doubles contest before falling 8-4. It was the same for Kim and Riddle in the number three doubles match where they lost 8-5.

“We were tied 3-3 going into doubles, so we certainly had a shot,” the Comets’ coach said.

“And, we played well in the matches even though we lost. The experience factor just played in their side and we couldn't capitalize.

“Still Coach Palmore (assistant coach Michelle Palmore) and I are not disappointed,” added Riddle.

“The last two years we have used this scrimmage against a tough team to show us what we need to do as a group, and we feel like it has helped propel us to highly successful seasons in both situations. We will look at this and again grow from it.”

Jefferson Forest 6 Halifax County 3


1. Robbie Hall def Drew Salley (HC) 8-0

2. Jacob Hannell def Ben Irby (HC) 9-8 (7-0)

3. Jordan Lumpkin def Owen McAbee (HC) 8-6

4. Minjune Kim (HC) def Jeff Scott 8-6

5. Luke Redd (HC) def Daniel Burger 8-3

6. Trevor Riddle (HC) def William Jean 8-6


1. Hannell/Hall def Irby/McAbee (HC) 8-1

2. Lumpkin/Scott def Salley/Redd (HC) 8-4

3. Scott/Burger def Kim/Riddle (HC) 8-5


Grayson Ballance (HC) def Andrew Chang 8-0

Bryan Brendel def J.T. Francis (HC) 8-0

Ballance/Francis (HC) def Chang/Brendel 8-1

Matthew Hall/Bryce Jones def Wyatt Francis/Andrew Kim (HC) 8-4

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at