The first week of the Professor Pigskin Football Contest is in the books, and Jeff Snead of Halifax will take home the top prize.

Snead and Larry Roller of Scottsburg both had 14 correct picks on the 15-game slate, but it was Snead who won on the tiebreaker, the score of last Friday’s Halifax County High School-Nottoway County High School football game.

By virtue of being the closest on the tiebreaker, Snead will take home the $30 first prize, and Roller will receive the $20 second prize.

Three contest entry blanks had 13 correct picks, and two of those also belonged to Roller. With one of those three entry blanks having the wrong team winning on the tiebreaker, Roller also will receive the $10 third prize, giving him a total of $30 in winnings.

“It was a very good, very competitive opening week for the contest,” The Professor said.

“It was apparent that many of our contest entrants have been following college football closely leading up to the start of the season. This should be a great season.”

The opening week’s count showed two entry blanks with 14 correct picks, three with 13 correct picks and 16 with 12 correct picks. Another dozen entry blanks had 11 correct picks.

Professor Pigskin reminds everyone that all contest entry blanks, whether mailed or brought to the office, must be received by the end of the business day each Friday in order to be eligible for the week’s contest.