When COVID-19 shut the entire sports world down in an instant back in March, I don’t think anyone knew we would be sitting here in late July still wondering if and when certain things are going to happen.

I personally felt that by the time football season rolled around we would be back to normal. I guess I was a bit too optimistic on that one.

The problem seems to be that people keep waiting on things to change, and they aren’t. They need to be taking the steps to find alternatives or other answers.

We are now less than a week away from a landmark vote for Virginia high school sports. If you read the article I wrote or the column from last week you know to prepare for a fall without football. The NJCAA has moved its football season to the spring and more and more conferences are either canceling football seasons or going to a conference-only format.

The NCAA hasn’t made a universal decision, and they will not because of the money. They might do something at the last minute, but they are hoping they can ride this wave until something good happens. Wishful thinking, am I right?

I have not talked about the NFL at all since this whole craziness started. The reason why is simple. Their season had just ended, and they don’t really get back into things until early August. The NFL has had the most time out of any sports league in the world to figure out how to bring football back safely. And they have (pun most definitely intended) fumbled the ball big time.

Less than 48 hours ago from the time of me writing this was the first time the NFL and their player’s association agreed on anything. They haven’t been fighting back and forth like MLB, it just seems they just haven’t talked much at all. Training camps start back next week, and they have just agreed on testing protocols. Players will be tested twice before they are allowed to enter the team facilities and then more testing protocols were set into place once they are in camp.

They just announced there would be no preseason games this season and a few other changes were also made. Roster size is reduced from 90 to 80 players, voluntary and high risk opt-out was approved and a general agreement on a stipend if games are lost.

So the NFL is moving in the right direction, but instead of making plans or talking to players throughout the spring and summer, it appears they just waited until the last minute to see where we were in the country with the pandemic. That answer is pretty clear; we aren’t in a good place as a country right now when it comes to the pandemic, and we are all paying the price for it in one way or another.

The NBA spent a lot of time working on the details of the “bubble” they are currently in preparing for the restart of their season. The health and safety measure are top notch as well as how they have protected and taken care of their players. It is basically a summer camp atmosphere for the players where they get fed each day, have activities such as golf, corn hole, a barbershop and many other activities they can participate in while they prepare for the resumption of the season.

They also tested every single player and staff member recently and had zero positive coronavirus results. So for every other sports league watching, be more like the NBA.

The MLB season has officially kicked off, so we are getting back to some sense of normalcy in the sports world. That normalcy includes no fans, cardboard cut outs in the seats and piped in crowd noise, but you will not be hearing any complaining from me.

I feel like sometimes I get repetitive with these pieces, but even though they may seem similar, there is always new information coming out about so many different things in sports. While there isn’t a lot going on locally at this time, we all watch sports on television, so I am hoping this may provide a little more insight to how the sports world is handling the coronavirus.

We all get plenty of updates about schools and other information related to it, but since my job is to write about sports, I feel like doing as much research and learning about how this is affecting the sports world is me doing my part in this whole thing.

Until next time.

Johnathan Kirland is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him jkirkland@gazettevirginian.com. Follow him on Twitter @JohnathanK_GV