With the winter sports season coming to a close soon, Halifax County appears poised to lose their season unless things change soon. The unfortunate rise in COVID-19 cases around the county the last month has caused the school to shut down all athletic contests and practices. What started as an exciting time as players and coaches of the wrestling team, swim team and boys and girls basketball teams returned to practice has turned into another heartbreaking situation for all involved.

While this is the best decision to make, and while it appears there is a small chance that the teams could participate in postseason play, it is still something that will be detrimental to several student athletes. I have written about this several times in the past, but it still deserves mentioning because there are several student athletes participating in winter sports that needed to play to have a chance at getting an offer to continue playing in college.

Now that fall sports are beginning to take center stage, it is unknown if they will run into the same problems that winter sports has, or if this will be the time that things begin to work out and return to normal.

It was said that the school would begin evaluating on a daily basis whether or not it was safe to return, but I truly feel that nothing will change enough in the next week or so to allow them to come back for the postseason tournaments.

I haven’t done the research to see exactly how many schools throughout the state have not played winter sports, but if I had to guess I would estimate it was close to half of all high schools in the state that shut down their athletics.

I’m not sure if I was overly optimistic or just talked myself into believing that sports would be back on time and there would be no roadblocks or hurdles to overcome and now I see that I was naïve to think that.

We are still very much still in the middle a pandemic and although I want to believe we are going to come out on the other side of this thing soon, the reality is if we can get back to normal by summer it will be a miracle.

Things just aren’t progressing at all in the right direction, in fact they are worse and until the vaccine rollout gets its act together we will continue to be in this situation.

I am hopeful that the rest of the seniors at Halifax County High School get a chance to play their final high school sports season this year and that all children are able to get back into the schools soon. Although I won’t be here to cover them or talk to them, I will continue to root them on as in my short time here I have gotten to know so many of them and know that they deserve this.

Johnathan Kirland is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him jkirkland@gazettevirginian.com. Follow him on Twitter @JohnathanK_GV