The Knicks team participated in the 2019 Substance Abuse Prevention Basketball Tournament staged by the South Boston Recreation Department. Front row from the left are Javion Morris, Terrell Medley, Xzavier Leigh and Ta’Shawn Medley. Second row from the left are Antwain Bailey, Diontre Martin, Drew Russell, Trey Jones and coach Anthony Anderson.

The Lakers went unbeaten through the brackets to win the South Boston Recreation Department’s annual Substance Abuse Prevention Basketball tournament.

The Lady Storm White Squad defeated the Lady Storm Blue Squad twice to win the girls tournament.

This tournament for boys and girls ages 13-16 was held July 26-28 at the South Boston Recreation Department gym.

Mental Health of America and the South Boston Department of Parks and Recreation have sponsored the tournament for many years in an effort to reiterate the importance of making positive life decisions early on in life, especially in the fight against abusive substances that are readily available.      

South Boston Recreation Department director Matt McCargo spoke briefly to the players on the teams about making sound decisions and solid grades in the classroom to support their athletic dreams. A Thirty for Thirty ESPN video titled “Without Bias,” featuring former Maryland star Len Bias’ life was shown to the tournament participants.

Four boys teams with a total of 40 players and two girls teams with a total of 10 girls participating were featured in the tournament.

The number of participants was down from last year, but the motto “if we can reach just one, the time and money was well worth spending” remained the same.

The South Boston Department of Parks and Recreation thanks the participating players and volunteer coaches for making the tournament a success.