Making memories

The picture today is furnished by Wayne Roller (left), Eddie Rinker (center), and far right, Slo, with the million dollar smile.

This weekend, Green’s Folly Golf Course will be hosting the sixth “Slo” golf tourney, a tournament honoring one of the county’s most popular and friendliest golfer that has played in the county.

Mike Gregory was a good all-around athlete playing all the youth sports growing up as well as quarterbacking the Blue Comets football team his junior and senior years. Golf became Mike’s favorite pastime as time went on, and all of his friends gave him the nickname of Slo because of his slow demeanor, his real quite and laid back demeanor.

At his passing, Chris Dockrill and his traveling partner, Charlie Payne, decided to honor him in a way he would like. Since he loved golf, what better way than a golf tournament named after him?

His widow, Sonja, went one step further and established a scholarship in his name that goes to a senior at Halifax who plays on the golf team. As the large group plays in his honor Saturday, they will be Making Memories for a guy that made us all smile and was loved by all. To Sonja and his beautiful daughter Lauren, thank you for sharing your memories of Slo. We all miss him, but he would never want his family and friends to be sad. As he smiles down on Saturday, let us all make him proud by doing the best you can do, and as Slo would say, why all the fuss over me. We love you buddy.

Thanks for Making Memories old buddy.