For those of you who did not take the opportunity to see Halifax County native and former Halifax County High School teacher Stevie Woltz, known in the wrestling world as “Hangman” Adam Page, face Chris Jericho in All Elite Wrestling’s All Out pay-per view TV event live from Chicago, Illinois, you missed a treat.

The “Hangman” put up a great fight and put on a good show in front of a sold-out audience in Chicago and millions of viewers across the country and the world on pay-per-view-TV. It just wasn’t in the cards for the “Hangman” to get a win.

Stevie has worked hard over many years to improve his physical condition as well as the skills that are necessary to make a good wrestler. He has, if you will, paid his dues and is moving up in the sport that sometimes can be very brutal.

Kudos go out to South Boston Library branch manager Chris Baker for opening the library doors Saturday night and letting as many people that wanted to come over watch the pay-per-view free of charge.

Saturday night was the second time Baker has opened the library’s doors to give people an opportunity to watch “Hangman” in action. Baker said only couple of people came the first time, but that word was late getting out. Saturday night 20 people were on hand.

One of the interested viewers in the audience was Woltz’s grandmother, Barbara Woltz.

“I think he did a good job,” she said of her grandson’s performance.

“I’m proud of him both as a person and an athlete. He’s had it (wrestling) in his blood forever.”


The Halifax County High School varsity football team played pretty well in Friday’s 29-14 win in the season-opening Memorial Game against Nottoway County High School at the newly freshened Tuck Dillard Memorial Stadium.

There has been no secret that the Comets have had their issues up front with the offensive line through the pre-season drills, the opening scrimmage against Randolph-Henry High School and the VHSL Benefit Game against Buckingham County High School.

Comets head coach Grayson Throckmorton made some personnel changes early last week, moving Tucker Harris and Zach Carter and putting them up front. The results were much better, with the Comets being able to move the ball more freely. It was a good start, but there is more work to be done there.

Overall, it was a pretty good opener. Interestingly, four Comets runners tallied yardage numbers that were within eight yards of each other. Six different runners and both of the Comets’ quarterbacks got carries Friday night. Traivius Chappell had a big night with two catches for 111 yards and a touchdown.

The Comets did a good job defensively as well, holding Nottoway County High School scoreless and not allowing the Cougars to get a first down in the first half.


Friday night’s Memorial Game was special for Comets fans as Halifax County High School and the community paused to honor former long-time Comets coaches Fred Palmore and John Crittenden who passed away over the winter.

Both men were outstanding coaches, but more importantly, they were outstanding people who passed along to the young people they taught in the classroom and on the playing field much more than what was in a textbook or a skill or technique in a sport.

They did their best to develop the students they were with into good students, good athletes and good people. Many people in our community can look back today and say they are a better person because of those two men.

While I mention Palmore and Crittenden, another special coach, former long-time Comets basketball coach Wayne Lloyd passed away earlier this year. Coach Lloyd was held in very high esteem by many people – just like Palmore and Crittenden – for being much more than just a coach and a teacher and for being a person who made those students he touched a better person.

Our community and its people were made better and richer thanks to those three outstanding people who dedicated many years of their lives to our young people.


Saturday night will be a big night at South Boston Speedway as the track will host its final night of points races with the GCR Presents LS Tractor USA NASSCAR Late Model Twin 75s racing program.

Peyton Sellers has all but clinched the track’s Late Model Stock Car Division title as he holds a 103-point lead over Austin Thaxton. However, Sellers is in the thick of a hotly contested NASCAR national championship points chase, and wins in the pair of 75 lap races can make a big difference for Sellers in the national title picture.

Danny Willis Jr. looks pretty secure at the top of the Limited Sportsman Division standings and Nathan Crews has a good margin over Jordan Pickrel in the Pure Stock Division.

The title chase in the Hornets Division is close, with Kevin Currin of Chase City and Steven Layne of Nathalie set to battle it out for the title in the season’s last points race.


There is not a great deal of high school and middle school sports action this week, at least not here, as most of the teams competing this week are on the road.

The Comets volleyball teams’ home game Wednesday night against Gretna High School at Halifax County High School is the only contest here this week.

The middle school football team and the Comets junior varsity and varsity football teams do not have a game scheduled this week.

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at