Halifax County Gun Club membership chairman John Evans has been named as the recipient of the organization’s Sportsman of the Year Award.

The award was presented last Thursday during the Halifax County Gun Club’s annual awards dinner.

While serving as the club’s membership chairman, Evans has helped the club reach an all-time high in membership. He also maintains the club website halifaxskeet.com.

W.T. Terry received awards for winning the High Overall Club Championship as well as the .12-gauge and .410-gauge events.

Monty Sprouse received two awards, one for winning the .20-gauge championship and one for winning the .28-gauge championship.

The Halifax County Gun Club held a six-week trap league, and team captain Billy Dunn’s team took top honors. Along with Dunn, team members included Dave Hill, Doug Dawson and Clint Day.

The trap league lasted six weeks, with a total of 50 targets being shot each week. Competition was fierce between the many teams and sometimes only one or two targets separating the scores.

Trap shooting was conducted this year on the club’s brand new trap field, which exceeds requirements for registered events. Plans are being made to hold registered events in 2020.

Awards presented by Halifax County Gun Club officials were based on National Skeet Shooting Association-sanctioned registered targets shot during the year in the four different gauges and the doubles event.

The awards presented this year were custom-engraved belt buckles from the Linden Company.