Thirty-eight teams from two states will converge on Halifax County this weekend when NC GameOn Sports hosts the 8th Annual Ring Championship Tournament at the Day Complex in South Boston and the Cluster Springs Ball Park on Saturday and Sunday.

Games start at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday and will run all day and into the night with the last games wrapping up around 9 p.m.

This spring and summer has been slow going for events in Halifax County. COVID-19 has canceled or postponed many events throughout the county, and the fireworks in South Boston and the Scottsburg parade on July 4 were the first gatherings on a larger scale to be held in several months.

With teams coming into town this weekend for the tournament, the local hotels are already filling up. As of Wednesday afternoon, the Fairfield Inn was close to full, and the Clarion Inn only had five rooms left. Many of the teams are coming from Raleigh, Durham, Reidsville and Mebane, North Carolina, and will be spending one to two nights in the area.

Local teams such as the Spartans, Southside Panthers and Virginia Squires will be in action, looking to bring home championships in their hometowns over the weekend.

Dixie Youth president Dave Ashwell, who will help maintain the fields and concession stands at the Day Complex over the weekend said this weekend’s tournament is “one of the biggest events to come to the area.”

The 15U division has been moved to Optimist Park in Roxboro, North Carolina, to make sure all teams are able to play their full schedule.

This is the second weekend in a row that NC GameOn Sports has hosted a tournament in Halifax, with the Fireworks Classic bringing 10 teams to Cluster Springs last weekend. They also will be back next weekend for the King of the Diamond tournament where 31 teams have signed up so far.

That number could grow or shrink as the week goes on, but next weekend is shaping up to be another big event in Halifax County for youth sports and the community.

Pool play for each age group begins on Saturday morning and concludes on Saturday night. Results from pool play will determine seeding for the championship brackets. The championship bracket will begin on Sunday morning and champions in each age group will be crowned on Sunday afternoon.

Admission to the games is $8, and concessions will be available at both the Day Complex and Cluster Springs Ball Park.

8th Annual Ring Championship schedule

East Coast Clippers vs. Sleepers Day Complex-1 Sat 11 a.m.
Carolina Rattlers vs. East Coast Clippers Day Complex-1 Sat 1 p.m.
Sleepers vs. VA Squire Day Complex-1 Sat 3 p.m.
VA Squires vs. Carolina Rattlers Day Complex-1 Sat 5 p.m.
Championship bracket
2 seed vs. 3 seed Day Complex-1 Sun 10:00
1 seed vs. 4 seed Day Complex-1 Sun noon
Championship game Day Complex-1 Sun noon
VA Squires vs. Purpose Driven Day Complex-3 Sat 9 a.m.
HYAA Hawks vs. VA Squires Day Complex-3 Sat 11 p.m.
Purpose Driven vs. TopHand Reds Day Complex-3 Sat 1 p.m.
TopHand Reds vs. HYAA Hawks Day Complex-3 Sat 3 p.m.
Championship bracket
2 seed vs. 3 seed Day Complex-3 Sun 10 a.m.
1 seed vs. 4 seed Day Complex-3 Sun 10 .am.
Championship game Day Complex-3 Sun 2 p.m.
VA Squires vs. Reidsville Luckies Cluster Springs-1 Sat 9 a.m.
Reidsville Luckies vs. Carolina Flash Cluster Springs-1 Sat 11 a.m.
Diamond Deacons vs. VA Squires Cluster Springs-1 Sat 1 p.m.
Carolina Bandits vs. Diamond Deacons Cluster Springs-1 Sat 3 p.m.
Carolina Flash vs. Spartans Cluster Springs-2 Sat 3 p.m.
Spartans vs. Carolina Bandits Cluster Springs-1 Sat 5 p.m.
Championship bracket
3 seed vs. 6 seed Cluster Springs-1 Sun 9 a.m.
4 seed vs. 5 seed Cluster Springs-2 Sun 9 a.m.
2 seed vs. winner of 3 v 6 game Cluster Springs-1 Sun 11 a.m.
1 seed vs. winner of 4 v 5 game Cluster Springs-2 Sun 11 a.m.
Championship game Cluster Springs-1 Sun 1 p.m.
Southside Panthers vs. Punishers Baseball Cluster Springs-2 Sat 9 a.m.
Summerfield Stars vs. Southside Panthers Cluster Springs-2 Sat 11 a.m.
Punishers Baseball vs. Summerfield Stars Cluster Springs-2 Sat 1 p.m.
North Wake Dodgers vs. Alamance Diamonbacks Day-2 Sat 11 a.m.
Garciaparra Baseball Group VA vs. North Wake Dodgers Day 2 Sat 1 p.m.
Alamance Diamonbacks vs. NCABC FUNGO Red Day-2 Sat 3 p.m.
NCABC FUNGO Red vs. Garciaparra Baseball Group VA Day 2 Sat 5 p.m.
Silver Bracket
6 seed vs. 7 seed Cluster Springs-1 Sun 1 p.m.
Championship game
5 seed vs. winner of 6 vs. 7 game Cluster Springs-1 Sun 3 p.m.
Gold Bracket
2 seed vs. 3 seed
1 seed vs. 4 seed
Championship game Day Complex-2 Sun 2 p.m.
Winner of 2 vs. 3 game vs. winner of 1 vs. 4 game
Crusaders vs. Wood Ducks Day-4 Sat 8:30
Triangle Sports Harks Blue vs. Crusaders Day-4 Sat 10:30
Wood Ducks vs. Triangle Sports Hawks Blue Day-4 Sat 12:30
North Wake Patriots vs. Rawlings Prospects 2025 Day-4 Sat 2:30
Zebulon Cougars vs. North Wake Carolina Patriots Day-4 Sat 4:30
Rawlings Prospects 2025 vs. Zebulon Cougars Day-4 Sat 6:30
Thunderstruck Baseball vs. VA Squires Cluster Springs-3 Sat 8:30
North Wake Avalanche vs. Thunderstruck Baseball Cluster Springs-3 Sat 10:30
Virginia Squires vs. NCABC Fungo Cluster Springs-3 Sat 12:30
Luckies vs. North Wake Avalanche Cluster Springs-3 Sat 2:30
NCABC Fungo vs. Luckies Cluster Springs-3 Sat 4:30
Silver Bracket
10 seed vs. 11 seed Cluster Springs-3 Sun 9:00
8 seed vs. 9 seed Cluster Springs-3 Sun 11:00
7 seed vs. 10 v 11 winner Cluster Springs-3 Sun 1:00
Championship game
Winner of 8 vs. 9 vs. winner of 7 vs. winner of 10 vs. 11 Cluster Springs-3 Sun 3 p.m.
Gold Bracket
3 seed vs. 6 seed Day-4 Sun 8:30
4 seed vs. 5 seed Day-4 Sun 10:30
2 seed vs. winner of 3 v 6 Day-4 Sun 12:30
1 seed vs. winner of 4 v 5 Day-4 Sun 2:30
Championship Game Day Complex-4 Sun. 4:30 p.m.
Winner of 2 seed vs. winner of 3 vs. 6 vs. winner of 1 seed vs. 4 vs. 5
15U D2
All games played at Optimist Park in Roxboro, North Carolina
Pool A
Rox City Bombers vs. Gate City Titans Gold Sat 8:30 a.m.
Midstate Eagles vs. Rox City Bombers Sat 10:30 a.m.
Gate City Titans Gold vs. Midstate Eagles Sat 12:30 a.m.
Pool B
Southside Sluggers vs. Gate City Titans Green Sat 2:30 p.m.
Gate City Titans Green vs. Squires Baseball Sat 4:30 p.m.
Squires Baseball vs. Southside Sluggers Sat 6:30 p.m.
Championship Bracket
Pool A 2 seed vs. Pool B 3 seed Sun 8:30 a.m.
Pool B 2 seed vs. Pool A 3 seed Sun 10:30 a.m.
Pool B 1 seed vs. winner of Pool A 2 seed v Pool B 3 seed Sun 12:30 p.m.
Pool A 1 seed vs. winner of Pool B 2 seed v Pool A 3 seed Sun 2:30 p.m.
Championship Game Sun 4:30 p.m.

Johnathan Kirland is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him Follow him on Twitter @JohnathanK_GV