The Edmunds brothers, Terrell, Tremaine and Trey, from Danville are probably the most well known siblings to play football together today.

All three of the brothers grew up playing football together, all three went to college at Virginia Tech, and now they are all playing in the NFL.

Halifax County High School senior William Davis will be heading to Virginia Union University in Richmond in the fall and will be joining his brother, Kenneth Davis, a 2019 Halifax graduate, and they will both be playing on the football team together.

When they talk about motivation, both brothers mention the Edmunds brothers as motivators because they saw those brothers grow up right down the road in Danville and seeing them work hard and make it to college and then the NFL gives Kenneth and William the extra motivation.

There are not many siblings who are able to accomplish what William and Kenneth are doing, especially coming from rural high schools that are not recruited nearly as heavily as other parts of the state.

As the older brother, Kenneth is looking forward to having his brother join him in Richmond soon. He knows what it is like to be the new man on campus and said he is going to be there to help his younger brother adapt to the campus lifestyle as well as the football program.

Growing up, the brothers played recreation football together and would play together on and off throughout their childhood and into the high school team. The brothers had a strong support system around them throughout their journey, and they admit that without the support they got, they wouldn’t be where they are today.

Their mother and sisters were some of the biggest supporters throughout their lives and helped them in many different ways. Whether it was giving them rides to practices or games, picking up food or drinks for them to eat before or after practice, or sacrificing their sleep to come pick them up after away games, their family was an integral part of their success.

William and Kenneth also thanked their coaches from all levels for helping them throughout. Their coaches along with their families are the type of support system they referred to as being a big part of their success on and off the field.

Several years ago William got a membership to the YMCA, and he said that since that day he has been there almost daily to continue to gain muscle and work hard to get better so that he could have the opportunity that he has now.

William continues to work daily to remain in top shape, as well as to be prepared for the step up to the next level in the fall. Now that Kenneth is back home the two brothers are working out together and preparing to head back to Virginia Union with something to prove.

They want to be the next set of athletes from Southside Virginia to make a name for themselves and their community just like the Edmunds brothers have and just how Joe Reed of Charlotte Courthouse has.

Johnathan Kirland is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him Follow him on Twitter @JohnathanK_GV