The Halifax County High School varsity Comets basketball team picked up their second straight win in the Piedmont District after their win on Tuesday versus Bassett with a 56-52 win over Martinsville on Wednesday.

Halifax went into Wednesday’s game versus Martinsville riding momentum from their win on Tuesday and did not disappoint.

Kanya Caddle played his best game of the season scoring a season high 22 points and leading the Comets to victory.

“I would say the biggest play of the night would be the overall play of Kanya. He has been trying to find his shot this season and tonight he was able to do it, making a lot of them,” said acting head coach Nathan Lantor – due to the absence of head coach Sterling Williams.

Osiris Ross, Nijay Ross and Josh Miller all followed up Caddle’s performance with eight points apiece.

The game was back-and-forth all night and came down to the last few possessions with little time on the clock.

Kanyle Canada hit a big 3-pointer to tie the game before the Comets came up with a stop on the defensive end and advanced the ball up the court to take a two-point lead in the final 30 seconds of the game and never looked back as they were able to add two more points and put the game away.

The Comets got out to a slow start only scoring eight points in the first quarter, four of which came from Caddle.

While the Comets came out slow on offense the Martinsville offense did not, scoring 12 points in the first quarter of play.

The Comets were not going down without a fight as they came out in the second quarter and scored 14 points as Caddle added seven more points to his total.

Halifax won the quarter as they only allowed Martinsville to score 12 more points in the second quarter.

Going into halftime with the Comets down 24-22 Lantor expressed the importance of defense and working together.

The Comets seemed to do just that as the ball was spread around and four different players scored in the third with Osiris scoring two points, Nijay scoring six points, Caddle scoring five points and Miller also adding six points.

However even with the Comets adding 19 more points in the third quarter, they were still behind in the game as the Martinsville offense came out of halftime even hotter scoring 21 points in the third.

The Comets knew going into the fourth quarter down 45-41, the only way they were going to win the game was if they locked in on the defensive side of the ball.

The Comets did just that in the fourth quarter as they held Martinsville to only seven points in the fourth.

While holding their opponents to just seven points, the Comets added 13 more points in the fourth to take the lead and claim the victory.

“We kept it close throughout. We had the fortitude to withstand Martinsville’s runs. In the fourth quarter we decided to run our patented half-court trap which led to turnovers and transitioned into easy baskets,” said Lantor. “We can still improve as a team and we’re still growing as a team. We have only played eight games together and practically didn’t have a season last year. Our biggest issue right now is playing together and playing hard all the time. We have to be prepared mentally.”

The Comets will compete in their third game this week in another Piedmont District matchup, taking on Magna Vista on Friday with tipoff scheduled for 7 p.m.


The Halifax County High School Comets basketball team picked up their first win in the Piedmont District versus Bassett County High School on Tuesday with a final score of 60-49.

Osiris Ross led the Comets to victory scoring 16 points on the night, nine of which came from behind the arc.

Zach Carter was unstoppable in the paint as he grabbed rebound after rebound and immediately went back up scoring 14 points from inside the paint and at the free-throw line.

It was an overall team effort as eight different players scored for the Comets in the victory.

On the defensive side Josh Miller took on the assignment to guard Bassett’s best player on offense, and he did not disappoint getting stop after stop, holding him to jump shots and not allowing him to get to the basket.

“Our defense was the key to the win tonight. Josh played great defense against their best player and didn’t allow him to get easy shots. Then on the other end of the court on offense we just made plays when we needed to,” said Lantor.

The Comets got off to a fast start in the first quarter beginning the game on a 9-1 run and finishing the quarter up 13-9.

Four different players got on the board in the first for the Comets as Osiris hit a 3-pointer, Nijay Ross scored from three, Kanya Caddle made his way to the rim for two-points and Carter battled on the inside for four points.

The second quarter was even closer than the first as the lead changed hands four different times.

Bassett began to make a comeback tying the game with 5:40 left in the second quarter, before taking a 3-point lead with under five minutes to go before halftime, scoring 17 points in the second.

However, the Comets refused to back down and made shot after shot taking a 31-26 lead before halftime

Going into the break, it was clear that this game was going to come down to whoever wanted it more.

Carter came out of halftime to begin the third quarter fighting for everything he could to get on the inside as he was being hit left and right, grabbing rebounds and going up strong en route to a seven-point quarter for himself and an 11-point quarter for the Comets.

However, Bassett was responding and refusing to go away keeping the game close enough for a potential comeback scoring 10 points of their own in the third.

Going into the final quarter of play with the Comets leading 42-36, the Comets had decided as a team they weren’t going to lose this game.

Spreading the ball around as five different players scored in the fourth quarter of play leading to 18 points in the fourth while Bassett could only muster together 13 points bringing the final score to 60-49.

“We hadn’t played in a long time because of the layoff. We were all itching to get back on the court and compete. We made plays when we had to on offense and kept guys out of the lane on defense,” Lantor concluded.

Josh Carlton is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him 

Josh Carlton is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him