Halifax County High School head coach Rob Senseney talks to his team after their last regular season game of the season in which the Comets dominated Tunstall High School winning 55-0.

The Halifax County High School Comets varsity football team will travel to Western Albemarle High School to compete in the first round of the regional tournament Friday, with kickoff scheduled for 7 p.m.

According to Comets head coach Rob Senseney, their plan for the regional game will be the same as it always is: establish the run game, protect the football and force the opposing team’s offense to go three and out on their drives.

“We want to establish our run game and get back to our up-tempo pace, I feel like we’ve slowed down over the past few weeks,” said Senseney.

He added, “We always have the mentality that we will take what the other team gives us and that goes for running or passing the ball.”

The Warriors have a record of 9-1 and compete in the Jefferson District where they have scored 255 points over those games.

The Comets have a record of 7-2 competing in the Piedmont District, scoring a total of 339 points over their games this season.

The Comets have scored 84 more points than Western Albemarle even with one less game played this season.

“It is hard to compare districts, we have no common opponents and it’s going to be a feeling out process, we have no familiarity with them,” said Senseny.

When asked if he believes the game will come down to defensive stops or if it’s going to be a high scoring game, Senseney said, “I’m not sure, it could be both, but logically we need one more defensive stop then them to win.”

In order to attend the regional matchup, Western Albemarle is requesting guests to download an app called TicketSpicket. All fans with hopes of attending must purchase a ticket through the app and bring their mobile device with the ticket to the main entrance. No tickets will be available for purchase at the gate; everyone must have an electronic ticket to enter the game.

Josh Carlton is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him 

Josh Carlton is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him