The Halifax County High School indoor track team takes sprint through the drill head coach Mary Douglas setup on Tuesday before their first meet this winter season.

The Halifax County High School indoor track team is rebuilding this season with many of the runners having never competed competitively.

“We have some that have a lot of potential and have some we’re going to work on to bring out their potential. We are really rebuilding and working to make the kids stronger and get them in shape,” said head coach Mary Douglas.

The Comet indoor track team only has about 15 runners who came out to compete and hope to add some of the football players now that their season is over but are looking to add more.

“We’re looking for kids who will work and put in the time, people who are serious minded and athletic who want to compete,” said Douglas.

Douglas’s expectations for the team are for the runners to compete and improve each and every day.

“The expectations that I have are for those who were out there previously to compete in the events they competed in last year. For the kids who are newer to the sport just getting them into the vibe to be competitive against other teams and our hopes are that we will compete in regionals and send some athletes to states,” said Douglas.

She added, “I think once we have everyone together and get into fairly good shape, I think they’ll do well. I can imagine them doing well in some events already, we should have a decent season with jumpers, throwers and sprinters.”

Douglas believes the team has potential and hopes to get them into competing shape before their first indoor track meet this season.

“My hope is that the kids who are out there regardless of where they are now, our goal is going to be to make them understand their potential as true athletes and possibly have athletes who go onto college on scholarship,” Douglas concluded.

Josh Carlton is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him 

Josh Carlton is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him