Dawson Family

The Dawson Family (from the left) cousin Josh Dawson and the three Dawson brothers, Jared Dawson, Drew Dawson and Justin Dawson hold a unique status in that all four have won at least one race while competing at South Boston Speedway.

It is a rare circumstance that brothers competing against each other in the same division at a speedway all win.

Taking a step back in history, the Burton brothers, Jeff and Ward Burton, both won competing in the NASCAR Whelen All American Series Late Model Stock Car Division at South Boston Speedway.

Now there are three brothers, Drew, Justin and Jared Dawson, having won while competing at South Boston Speedway. Their cousin, Josh Dawson, is also a winner at South Boston Speedway, making it a true family affair when it comes to winning races at the .4-mile oval.

Justin Dawson won three times in the Hornets Division in 2016 and now competes in the Pure Stock Division. Drew Dawson, who started racing in the Hornets Division in 2015, scored two wins in the division in 2017, and now competes in the Limited Sportsman Division.

Josh Dawson and Jared Dawson began competing in the Hornets Division in 2017, and both have won races in the division this season, with Josh having scored two victories and Jared having won once.

Drew Dawson said he had no idea if all three brothers and their cousin would taste the sweet taste of victory.

“You never know if that will happen or not,” he pointed out.

“It took awhile. We didn’t just get a car and go out and immediately get into the winner’s circle like some people, but we finally got there. That’s what matters.

“It just feels great to know that so many of us have been able to win. I think the last brothers that raced here were Jeff and Ward Burton, and they were successful. Now, you have us, and there are more of us. You don’t see that a lot.”

Justin Dawson says the accomplishment of all of the family winning races “means the world to us. This is what we hoped for, everybody as a family to get a win. It’s really hard in the Hornets Division, because you’ve got two Dawsons in the division. At one time, all four of us were in the Hornets Division. It was hard. Hopefully, one of us was going to come away with the win on any given night.”

“It’s amazing to me that we all can go out here and have a car good enough to be capable of winning a race,” Jared Dawson added.

“We, as brothers, have all won a race now. Everybody said we would take over the Hornets Division, but really, we’re just out here to race and try to come in first. It’s a good accomplishment for me and my family.”

Josh Dawson shares the joy of the family’s accomplishment.

“I was real proud of myself for getting my first victory after two-and-a-half years of trying,” he remarked.

“All of us Dawsons seem to have a little bit of talent. It’s hard to race against them, but it’s fun to race with them.”

Racing has always been a favorite sport for the Dawsons.

“We’ve always been a racing family,” explained Justin Dawson.

“We love watching racing. We’ve always had our favorite drivers that we wanted to see win. We’d come out here every other race or so and watch the guys here.

“All of a sudden, Drew bought a car for around $500 or $600, and he raced one full season by himself,” he continued.

“We really didn’t get involved at first. We would all watch him race and root him on.

“I found a car at a pretty decent price. Then Jared wanted to get into it. Year after year, all of us started coming into racing. Before you knew it, we were bringing five or six cars over here at one time.”

Once the Dawson family all got behind the wheel, the challenge became for all of them to win a race.

“That’s what we got a challenge to do, and we’ve beat the challenge,” Drew Dawson pointed out.

“Now, we’ve got to get all three of us (brothers) to win a championship. We’re working on it a little bit at a time.”

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at jchandler@gazettevirginian.com.

Joe Chandler is the sports editor for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him at jchandler@gazettevirginian.com