Entering his fourth full season in the Limited Sportsman series at South Boston Speedway, Jason Myers is looking to make some noise in the division after a sixth place finish in last years standings.

Myers was at the track on Wednesday afternoon and turning laps for the first time since last fall during a test session. Myers hopes that with the help of Dwayne Skinnel working on the car he will be able to fix some of the things that he believes kept him from a more successful season last year.

Last year Myers said he started off pretty strong with good qualifying runs and finishes, but says that things got a little lackluster towards the end of the season.

With the addition from Skinnel, who will be working part time with Myers, he believes that will make a big improvement. Myers said last year he second guessed some things and believes that made a big difference.

“We kind of got away from our base setup and went in the wrong direction real quick,” Myers said about last season. “As a driver sometimes you think yourself out of a good car,” he added.

Myers also said knowing your car and what it is doing is very beneficial for everyone on the team.

“You really have to know what your car is doing and how to tell someone to fix what you are feeling and that’s the struggle for a new driver,” Myers said. “I feel real comfortable with the control of the car and know exactly what it is doing through each segment of the turn and now I feel like I can really help whoever is setting the car up to explain exactly what I am feeling,” he added.

It has been a long offseason for the drivers as the coronavirus pandemic has pushed the start of the season at South Boston Speedway back almost three months now.

With no official word on when the season will begin, drivers and crews are staying ready and continuing to work on their cars.

“It has been a long off season, and we definitely put in a lot of work this winter and half of the spring,” Myers said. He has been able to do some off-roading this spring that he hasn’t been able to do in some time due to the time that he has to spend on the race car. He said he has been just about every weekend, and that it has been a nice change.

When the season does begin there is likely to be a condensed schedule that will have races scheduled nearly every weekend. For drivers such as Myers that have full-time jobs that will mean long nights preparing the car for the races.

“I look forward to having two weeks off between races. A lot of us have full time jobs,” Myers said. The extra weekend is used to prepare for the next race and if the races are run back to back there will be much less time to prepare than usual.

Myers was happy with the way his car ran on Wednesday, saying as soon as it came off of the trailer it was flying on the track. Myers said he definitely missed racing and is ready to get going when the time comes.

“I just got out of the car for the first time and I was like ‘man this is fun.’ We definitely miss it, you don’t know how much you miss it until you don’t have it.”

Johnathan Kirland is a sports writer for The Gazette-Virginian. Contact him jkirkland@gazettevirginian.com. Follow him on Twitter @JohnathanK_GV